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Company News 2 - June 1, 2014

                                            June 1, 2014                                                                                                                              pdf

Whave arrived to the launching Pad. E-QURE is ready to start executing its Business plan which is pursuing FDA approval for the E-QURE BST medical device. We are completing the transfer of the patents to the public company, and registering it on its name. Lifewave has notified us that the deal with them is complete and all conditions for executing it were achieved.

ADBI (the public company) has filed for re-domiciling into Delaware. Effective is expected soon. It is also finalizing the 1/100 reverse split to form the promised 15M new Delaware shares prior to the private placement closing. The public company finalized the Clean-up, and it is now clear of any obligations to third parties.

The Private Placement looks like a success. We required a minimum of $2M, We wanted to raise $2.4M, and we are supposed to finish this round with $2.6M. PP Subscriptions agreements are on the Email to the investors. We have finalized the agreement with the US CRO, who is going to conduct the FDA regulatory process for us. Signing is expected this week and work has already been commenced.

The Public company is notifying the nomination of Mr. Ohad Goren as CEO, and Mr. Itzik Ben Yesha as CTO of the company. Both individuals are well acquainted with our product and their Resume is in the presentation and the Web Site.
The company has completed its initial Web Site at www.e-qure.com. We also have a company page on LinkedIN. Please look for us and share with your connections. You can also follow us on Tweeter.

To all our investors: from the next newsletter, and once we have completed the private placement and start operating under the public company umbrella, the newsletters will be issued as formal press releases to all our shareholders



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