Our Board of Directors

ron Mr. Ron Weissberg // Chairman

Over 20 years of executive experience in the Financial industry in companies specializing in Real Estate, Insurance, Rating & Credit Agencies, and Investment Funds. Extensive experience in the Bio-Med industry around the world. Holds an MBA, New York University and BSc. Industrial Engineering and Management, Cum Laude, Technion, Haifa, Israel.


Sessler Pic Dr. Michael Sessler // Director

Began his career as a medical doctor. Beginning his studies with Medical and Clinical courses at Tel-Aviv University in Israel, he went on to study at Rome University where he received his Medicine School Graduate (MD). Also at Rome University, he studied Clinical Project Management, under the guidance of Prof. Rita Levi Montalccini, winner of The Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1986.

Since 1992, Dr. Sessler has held senior managerial positions at the Electra consumer Products part of Elco Group, with over 6,800 employees and sales turnover of $1.12 Bil, Elco is one of Israel's leading corporations. The Group combines private and public companies that deal with infrastructure industries related to the manufacturing of consumer products, sales, marketing, wholesaling and real estate.

Beginning in 2000, Dr. Sessler was elevated to Senior Vice President. Dr. Sessler served as Chairman of the Board of four companies and as director in six, in Spain and Italy. He has taken senior management courses at the Harvard Business School and the Israeli Management Institute as well as at General Electric and the Export Institute


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